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The integration of technology into education currently allows the creation and sharing of podcasts of different content. Listeners can now access different podcasts from their media devices to quench their thirst for knowledge. Podcasts are used to broadcast information in various fields such as technology, healthcare, music, business, and economics. 

The creation of economic podcasts is currently on the rise due to the increasing demand for economic knowledge and skills. However, not all economic podcasts provide reliable or proven knowledge. For this reason, the identification of appropriate podcasts plays a significant role in the process of attaining quality economic knowledge.


This podcast was started in February of 2010 and has managed to attain a large fan base due to its engaging business content. Through this podcast, listeners will interact with Stephen J. Dubner, the writer of Freakonomics. Each month, Freakonomics Radio airs important things that listeners thought they knew but actually didn’t. Stephen talks with other entrepreneurs or provocateurs on business matters. 

Econ Talk Podcast

This podcast was started in January of 2015 and airs one episode every week. The podcast mainly talks about the economics that exist in peoples’ daily life. This award-winning show features renowned guests that range from professors to Nobel Prize winners in the economic field.

The Sound of Economics

This podcast is owned by Bruegel, a think tank based in Europe developed to enhance economic policies. The shows brings debates and insights into well-researched matters that impact the economic policy in Europe and the world at large. The podcast presents four episodes every week and has been airing since June of 2016.

Weekly Economics Podcast

This podcast is owned by the New Economics Foundation and has been airing since September of 2016. Through every single episode that is released every month, the podcast talks about economic forces that are impacting the world. In addition, it is dedicated to the attainment of a fair and sustainable economy. Most episodes are presented by Ayeisha Thomas-Smith with the assorted guest.


American Public Media is well-known for a collection of weekly and daily audio programs. This NPR podcast produces seven episodes per day and has been in existence since October 2004. Every morning Kai Ryssdal offers reports on money, technology, and business.