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Luis F. Aleman


Luis F. Aleman is an entrepreneurial leader with over a decade of experience. He is CEO of LFA Holdings, Inc. and Managing Director of Ethiopian Wild Coffee.

LFA Holdings, Inc. is a company offering a range of high-quality advisory and support services to start-ups and small and middle-market companies. As CEO, Mr. Aleman handles a wide variety of financial and operational initiatives that keep LFA thriving internally and externally. From developing strategic partnerships to overseeing supply chain management on an international level, he guides his companies to successfully establish business operations in foreign markets.

LFA is now expanding into international relations by providing consultory work to political candidates. Luis F. Aleman is currently the hired political consultant for CHADEMA, an opposition party looking to run for the presidential seat in Tanzania. Government sustainability plays a crucial role in a community’s local, national, and international success, and LFA’s efforts in this area will only increase as time goes on. 

Luis’ acumen in economic growth—particularly in foreign markets—is at the heart of his efforts with Ethiopian Wild Coffee as well. A speciality import/export company, EWC will sell an exclusive list of wild-grown and otherwise USDA Certified Organic raw commodities to the US and other world markets, particularly their flagship brand: Wild Forest Grown Coffee. Luis F. Aleman works closely with farming cooperatives in Ethiopia in order to strengthen EWC and make the most of their collective impact.

Prior to founding his own businesses, Mr. Aleman served as an Account Executive at Sycamore Funding. He quickly distinguished himself as the top salesman in the company for three months straight, producing over a million dollars of loans throughout the financial crisis. He transitioned into entrepreneurship so that he could challenge himself and push himself to the limit like never before. The ambition of accomplishing things on one’s own stands out far more than accomplishing it with an institution, and for Luis, it allows him to grow his experience with economics on a larger scale.

On this blog, Luis will deliver recaps or insights into economic markets around the world, particularly those in relation to agriculture, trade, and government sustainability. For more, head over to his professional overview website or his civic engagement website.

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